Used servers, workstations and network technology have many advantages

We focus on used, professionally tested hardware and only offer equipment from well-known brands such as HPE, DELL, Lenovo, IBM, Fujitsu and Supermicro. Through refurbishing, the quality-assured overhaul of hardware, we contribute to the protection of the environment and health. We help to conserve natural resources.

New hardware is often expensive. You may find yourself in the following situations:

  • Your server for accounting or inventory management has gone down,
  • You are starting a new company, money is tight,
  • Your data is sacred to you, that's why you want to have your own server on site,
  • You need workstations, for more complex calculations like 3D applications, film reedings etc. without becoming completely poor,
  • As a student you need a workstation, but your budget, well, is not that big.

In these or umpteen other cases, it makes sense to use second-hand workstations or servers instead of new hardware. That's why you don't have to sacrifice quality, because through the renewal process we offer branded hardware significantly cheaper than comparable new goods and you don't have to sacrifice first-class quality or current functionality when buying used hardware.

We also specialise in the sale of used network technology. We offer an extensive range of reconditioned equipment, such as switches, routers, server cabinets, storages, UPS's etc.

Our warehouse is well stocked with a variety of high quality, tested spare parts. We stock memory, processors, controllers, hard drives etc from leading manufacturers. Contact us, or browse the shop. All items shown are in stock in Berlin in the quantities shown and are ready for immediate dispatch or collection. We ship worldwide within your desired time frame. You need the power supply unit tonight in Vienna? No problem, we can manage that.

Refurbished hardware from brand manufacturers still offers the exact same range of functions years later, so you don't have to accept any compromises in terms of quality. While the use of second-hand hardware has long since proven itself in many companies and in the private sphere, the concept is still in its infancy in other companies. This does not have to be the case. Set an example, contribute to environmental protection and save your budget at the same time by buying refurbished hardware.

We hope we can convince you of the many advantages of using refurbished hardware. It is highly likely that the ecological aspect, the not inconsiderable savings potential as well as high quality play a decisive role for you or your company. When purchasing refurbished hardware, you can also benefit from its advantages.

A phone call is all it takes, we listen to what you need or where the problem lies. Then we look for a solution with our proven experts. This is how we help you:

  • We give you advice on installation and configuration, even after the used hardware has been delivered.
  • Our experts are there for you by phone or online.
  • We offer hardware problem diagnosis.
  • There is a spare parts service if required after the problem diagnosis has been completed.
  • All hardware offered is in stock in Berlin Mitte for immediate pick-up or worldwide delivery.
  • Delivery by express, or even messenger is of course possible.
  • The individual and extensive configuration of servers and workstations is a component of our range of services.

To ensure that the used server fits your requirements, you can have us put together a customised system for you. Our trained and experienced employees know their stuff, so that you can book all additional functions and other services. We can almost always meet all customer requirements. Tell us what you want the server to do in your company, and we will come up with a solution to offer you the perfect server.

Our hardware configured for you is tested again directly before shipping. We use special test software that checks the most important parameters of the configured server and performs a high-performance test. Afterwards, we pack your server so that it can be delivered to you virtually "still warm".