Used Workstations

Whether low-priced entry-level models or high-end workstations. We offer a wide range of products for various requirements.

What distinguishes the workstation from the PC?

While the classic PC is built with hardware from the desktop segment, you will find many components from the professional field in workstations. For example, you'll find Intel Xeon CPUs, ECC RAM and other high-quality and high-performance components, which are known from the server world, in workstations.
In most models, RAM with built-in error correction (ECC) is thus installed and in the large series, you'll find up to 24 RAM banks, which you'll look for in vain in a PC. Graphics cards are mostly based on the nVidia Quadro series because they have many QUDA cores depending on the model. The processors are mostly from the Intel Xeon series, which doesn't have an integrated graphics unit, but with lower waste heat and, if required, with significantly more cores than their desktop relatives. The casing's workmanship and the modular internal construction also differ from a PC. On top of that, the systems are ISV certified.


With this hardware, the typical characteristics of a server are logically transferred to the workstation. These are known to be longevity, reliability and hardware designed for special needs. Professional users from the following areas benefit from this:

CAD applications or 3D rendering
Simulations or scientific calculations
Audio and video production
Sophisticated image processing and design
Other critical computations that demand performance or data integrity

That said, workstations aren't just for savvy users with the most demanding needs. Every manufacturer also offers entry-level models for regular users who expect nothing more from a system than durability and stability. Thus, you can of course enjoy a workstation that will provide years of loyal service and is best suited for office and multimedia applications even on a small budget. One of these models would be the HP Z2 G4 or Dell T3630.

Buying used workstations is worthwhile

Buying refurbished workstations is a win-win situation.

By using the high-quality components described above, you can be sure that even used systems will continue to work reliably and perform well for years, even in 24/7 operation. If something should break nevertheless times you find spare parts of all well-known manufacturers and models from the last Genrationen with us. On the other hand, you save money and hardly have to do without additional performance. Even for demanding users, models from the previous generation are often sufficient. And these often allow discounts of 30-50%. We have been selling models from manufacturers like Dell, HP, IBM or Lenovo for years and can recommend them without restrictions.

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