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Used NVIDIA Quadro graphics cards - a lot of performance for little money

NVIDIA Quadro stands for GPU accelerators that are specifically designed for professional applications. They are available as desktop or mobile variants. The application areas of these reliable graphics cards are:

- Professional image and video editing
- CAD applications
- Rendering and virtualization
- Data science such as Big Data analysis
- Cloud Computing /Virtual Workstation

...and many more.

Why are Quadro graphics cards so good?

The special efficiency of NVIDIA Quadro GPUs is achieved, among other things, by a very good cooperation between the engineers and software developers. In other words, a close link between hardware, drivers and the software used. This ensures that you won't set any records in games with Quadro's because they only profit from the architecture to a very limited extent. For CAD, animation or one of the many special applications, however, there is no better choice than NVIDIA Quadro graphics cards.

Current models support Open GL/CL, ShaderModel, Direct X and have a large number of CUDA cores.


What should I look for when buying a graphics card?

First of all, you should consider the environment in which GPU will be used. This includes not only the workstation or server, but also the monitor. Maybe you even want to control several of them in parallel? The maximum resolution that is to be output as well as connections and interfaces should also be considered.

The workstation or server must not only provide the appropriate PCI Express slot, but also ensure the appropriate cooling of the potent accelerators. Furthermore, the maximum power consumption that your power supply can provide has to be considered. Also consider the height and especially the length of the graphics card. Smaller cases often don't offer enough space.

Once these conditions are clarified, you can compare the performance data of the graphics cards. Depending on the application, you should look at the installed video memory (RAM), the memory bandwidth or the number of CUDA cores for comparison.

The manufacturers of the used software often make this comparison easier for you by specifying compatible models that meet the minimum requirements in the system requirements.


We help with the purchase decision of the graphics card

So that you don't lose track of the choice, we are happy to help. We have years of experience with customers from various industries and know exactly which model offers you the best performance for your budget.

So whether you are a professional user or simply looking for a powerful workstation graphics card for high demands, NVIDIA Quadro graphics cards will meet professional requirements.

With used graphics cards from our webshop you can save money and still enjoy the typical performance of NVIDIA Quadro graphics cards.